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Just the other day a Realtor friend of mine asked me a very good question, (a test!), because I'm sure she knows the answer. It went something like, "hey Bear, what would you tell sellers to do to get their home ready for sale?" Well, Realtors and Inspectors view this pretty much the same way and it's all just common sense. If you want to maximize your resale value and reduce items "the Buyers Inspector" comes up with that will tie up the sale, potentially elevate frustration levels for both parties, and possibly reduce the sale price, then get the place ready for a "new set of eyes" to view it.

Ok what does this mean;

bulletBuyers are looking for clean homes, if you don't clean there are plenty of people who do, and they are worth the price.
bulletLISTEN to your Realtor when they tell you to get rid of all the junk in the garage, basement, attic, closets etc. Hey if you haven't worn it or used it in a year you probably won't. Have a sale, donate it or throw it out! Clutter equals stress. When you toss it out, your home will look larger, cleaner and the potential buyers can actually visualize their stuff in there. Now your on the right track!
bulletDon't paint the basement, I repeat "DON'T, it just sends up red flags. Just clean it up. Get rid of the old appliances, furniture and empty the freakin litter boxes!
bulletGet rid of the paint cans, newspapers, the old frig. And the unused exercise equipment. Buyers want to be able to see the walls. Inspectors too!
bulletHave a heating and cooling company service the furnace and air conditioner prior to putting the house on the market! Now you can provide a copy of the paid invoice to the buyer that shows you had the system professionally serviced. For you country folk, have the septic tank pumped, provide the paid receipt.
bulletLook under every sink for corroded, leaking pipes and replace them, a cheap fix.
bulletClean the gutters and make sure the water is carried away from the foundation.
bulletAdjust the grade to slope away from the foundation.
bulletDon't try to sell a home with a worn out roof. You will pay for it one way or another so you can add a real selling feature by having the roof done if needed. By the way, code allows two layers of shingles but it's not a good idea, pay a little extra for the tear off and do it right.
bulletElectrical, too many items to list, but easy for an electrician to address.

The concerns every Buyer has and I hear it on every inspection;

bulletRoof - how much life is left?
bulletWater problems, roof, grading, gutters, typically if you take care of those you don't get water in the basement.
bulletFurnace and A/C - how much does it cost to replace and when?
bulletMold / Mildew / Bacteria - this is the hot topic these days.

That's my short list! When I'm inspecting, I'm putting a close eye on hundreds of items on a house, it will save time and trouble to spend the money up front to get the house ready for sale or it's a sure thing the buyers will be asking for you to foot the repairs anyways.

So, if you want to sell fast, and that's the whole idea, then make a good first impression, because your house is competing against the rest of the market. It's no secret "THE GOOD ONES, SELL FIRST AND FAST"

If you have questions, give me a call or email, betcha I have an answer!

Barry Whitehead
Bretton Inspection, Inc.
ASHI Member/ Licensed Builder etc.

Barry Whitehead
 Certified Inspector

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