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Spring means the warm weather we've all been waiting for... and the potential for melting snow and rainwater to find it's way into your home. Did you know you can take steps to prevent potential mold, mildew, and damage to drywall, furnishings and floor coverings.

Try these simple common sense tips:
bulletBe sure your sump pump is working and extended away from the foundation if you have one.
bulletIf you own an older home on city sewers, have the line snaked. Did you know a plumber is able to "scope" the sewer line with a camera and advise you of the integrity of the line and how well it drains.
bulletClean and secure gutters, ice has a way of pulling them loose! Seal any leaks at end caps, seams and corners, if they are too high - use a professional. Check for split downspouts and make sure they extend 4 - 5 feet from the foundation.
bulletGrading, if you didn't get around to it when the weather was nice last summer or fall - you'll wish you did. Be sure the grade slopes away from the foundation taking water with it, (this may require the installation of window wells) and don't just build up with wood chips. Keep wood chips and soil 8" below siding.
bulletRemember, most water related problems found in homes usually start outside. Take time to look at the exterior of your home seasonally because water will do more damage than kids on big wheels!
If you have any questions about your home, feel free to give me a call, a home is your single largest investment and many times simple, inexpensive routine maintenance can prevent costly repairs.


Barry Whitehead
 Certified Inspector

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